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Repair and disassembly guides for Kenmore Microwaves.

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Why are a few of the numbers not working on my microwave control pad.

Looking for a smart touch pad part for a Kenmore 721.80413500 microwave and could not find on your site. The pad has 1 to 2 numbers that do not work, but most work.

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dnantz3 looks like this is going to be tough. Your touchpad controller has part number 4781W1M311J and the manufacturer no longer build this one at all. You may have to scour places like ebay.com etc to find a used one.

Just an FYI, the 721 number on your model shows that this MW is acutally build by LG so do not be surprised when find LG’s listed for your part.

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Thank you, do you know know if the circuit board is availible. What pat number do you show for the board. My wife said that at first a few numbers did not work and then all stopped, so I may have been incorrect thinking it is the control pad.


dnantz3 it does sound like the toucpad controller. That could also be one reason why they are not available. A lot of times the manufacturer recognize there are issues with their product and just stop building it. It is going to be a bit tough finding a repalcment, not impossible. Just a matter of having patience and luck.


Thank you for your help and guidance.


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