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Repair guides and support for televisions manufactured by Panasonic.

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How can connect my DVD player to my old Panasonic cable TV?

I bought this TV and a DVD player from a goodwill, and I've been trying to hook it up ever since. It didn't come with a remote but both of the machines work fine. I was confused in setting it up, but there's only two Audio/Video ports on the tv instead of three. The DVD play has all three, but it's not showing up on the tv. There's no imput or display button on the tv so i don't know what to do??

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Ocram_ Polo what exact model is your Tv and what model is your DVD player? You've checked to make sure the TV works before connecting it?


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Pretend auxiliary video input is a channel lower than 2 and higher than 99 or 125. So use channel up/down/+/- buttons. If you keep stepping in either direction, eventually you should reach an imaginary channel named something like: AUX, LINE, VIDEO, EXT. To help you remember, think of it as “video line one” which is found next to “antenna channel 2”.

I used one Panasonic television set which behaved like this: non-rf video sources were treated like a channel to which to tune, and incrementing past them rolled over to tuner channel 2.

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