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{A1989 / EMC3214}—Erschienen im Juli 2018. Das 13" MacBook Pro ist mit Quad-Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren und Intel Iris Plus integrierter Grafik ausgestattet.

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black screen, faint line

i was using my macbook for a couple hours doing math homework, and all of a sudden, the screen turned black with a bluish green thick vertical line on the right side of the computer. i tried to restart it and it just showed up with the same screen. i know the computer can turn on it’s just stuck on the one screen.

Block Image

anyone know what i should do?

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You could try PRAM and SMC resets. I doubt those would do much, but it’s worth a shot. Since your computer is only a few months old, you should still be within Apple’s 3 month warranty period. I would take it to an Apple store, they will probably replace it free of charge if they can’t fix it. Taking it apart now would ruin any kind of warranty you would have. To me it looks like a loose display connector, or a chip is coming off the board.

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Anytime I have an issue within the first year I go ahead and take out an additional two years of AppleCare warranty.


NVRAM (PRAM) or SMC reset won't alter this. You are correct this is a display issue with the interconnection cable. Sadly, the new design Apple is now using gets messed up. No loose connections, just broken connections.


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First off I would get your system to an Apple Store or Apple authorized service center. These new series 2016 onward all have an issue with the display ribbon cables failing which I suspect is whats happened here. It should be covered under warranty.

But your window of time is slipping! Don’t put this off as this is an expensive repair if you get stuck with it. Once your system is working (at the Apple Store) I agree with Mayer get the extended warranty you should be able to sign up at that point.

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Most likely the graphics chip if it didn’t take a fall if it did fall most likely lcd broken you’ll be able to tell if its lcd when the computers off you can look for lines. google the command to boot it in diagnostic mode I believe its command D while the Mac boots up

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In the older models this would have been the likely issue. But as Ryleigh was in the middle of doing her homework and failing, vs being dropped. The issue is more likely in the new cable system Apple is now using in the 2016 and onward systems.

If you review the questions you'll see a lot of issues with the cables.


@danj Thanks for this hint. I'm working on this model now -- screen just went black -- evidently it is the backlight. The LCD and screen images are all still active and visible with a strong flashlight (iPhone flash to the rescue). Can plug in an external display and use computer without issue. Disassembling and reassembling top lid from body did not resolve any loose connections. Ribbon cables look completely intact -- obviously still not getting juice to the backlight. Any class action or recall on this that you know of?


Apple has an extended warranty program for the 2016/17 13” systems, sadly these have ended. There was also a class action lawsuit, not sure what happened with it.

The 2018 and newer models often encountered issues when the glass chin plate which is just under the screen is cracked a shard cuts the cable, or a good bang on the clutch cover does the same. Without a good microscope it’s often hard to see the damage.


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