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Not turning on after sleep/shut down during trip

Hi guys, I seem to be having very intermittent problems with my Early 2015 MacBook Air. During a family vacation last week there were a few times where it would not turn on. We stayed at different locations each night, and each time I pulled it out of bag to use it, it would be a 50/50 chance that it would work. I usually leave it on standby (closing the lid), however during the trip I tried shutting it down a few times with the same result. When it wouldn’t turn on I’d have absolutely no sign of life, completely dead; the only way I seemed to get it back is to plug it in and do multiple SMC resets, could be 5, or up to 20, and eventually, 5 to 10 minuets later, it would boot and work no problem. Obviously I thought about the charge level, but every time I got it going again it would show above 50% capacity, so the battery wasn’t dead. I even tried a few PRAM resets.

Funny thing is, this computer works absolutely fine at home. I use it all over the house, I even bring it to work, it always works fine, however this is the second trip that I’ve done where it dies. The first time I thought, ok maybe the battery was dead (I didn’t bring my charger with me that time so I couldn’t do any resets), but no, I got home and to my surprise it turned on, showing 99% charge.

Hoping someone has some suggestions on a fix, or seen this behaviour before. Thanks IA.

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If there are times when it literally shows no sign of life at all (even though it sounds like it isn't often) I would recommend getting it in to a genius bar or Apple authorized service provider to get it checked out.

This can be arranged yourself on the website or via talking to Apple support via phone or online chat.


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