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Angekündigt am 9. September 2014, ist dies das erste Gerät von Apple im Bereich der Smart Wearables. Die Reparaturanleitungen von iFixit beziehen sich sowohl auf die Apple Watch (Edelstahl) als auch die Apple Watch Sport (Aluminum).

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Apple Watch Stuck on Logo after Screen and 3D Touch replacement

After successfully replacing a friends Apple Watch screen, I noticed the 3D Touch sensor was broken, and the watch would not turn on past the Apple logo. I ordered a new 3D Touch sensor + adhesive from the site as well, and just installed that, thinking that was the issue. Now I have installed the sensor and the screen all back on (and battery), and the screen is still stuck in the Apple logo. Does anyone have any ideas what might be going on here?! The watch will turn on to the Apple logo, screen appearing to work fine, but it’s stuck there. Before applying the outer adhesive/gasket I want to figure this out. Any ideas? The watch turned on and worked fine prior to changing the screen, it was just terribly cracked. Before doing any of this I tested it and it appeared to work fine.

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Where did you get the replacement screen? Did you order the correct one for your watch?

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I got it from iFixit as well. And yeah it’s the 38mm original Apple Watch.


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There seems to be a software issue that affects the original series watch.

I have the same problem. Wont pair, intermittent apple logo that occasionally fades into red & also a red exclamation logo screen.

Never resets or boots. Cannot be detected by iphone to pair.

An Apple Genius tech in London simply rejected any repair as original watch is basically classified as obsolete.

Possibly if us civilians had the right hardware to access the hidden port & the files to debug the OS software/ firmware it would be a fix; but I see nothing on line to suggest anyone has got that far…

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Did you remove the battery as iv seen apple watches that have half of the battery connector torn which results in this

Hopefully this helps

thanks :)


@matthewkiernan - Nope that's not a software issue its a failing battery!


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