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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the Acer Aspire V5, a series of laptops on the Windows OS by Acer.

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Can I fix my laptop?

My Acer Aspire fell off the bed. It was still working fine. I’ve opened the top case and I had noticed this broken thin black wire (see the image and the white arrows). I had closed the top case and turned the laptop on. No signal. I do hear the drive spinning and everything, but I get a black screen.

Block Image

What’s the name of this cable and what does it do?? Can it still be fixed with tape or a soldering job?

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Estimado como mencione en la respuesta , el cable se llama flex en ese modelo esta todo junto , como menciona un colega efectivamente es el cable wifi el que se daño , pero si hay algo mas dañado , recomiendo cambiar toda el cable flex que incluye señal de video , energía y wifi.


Muchas gracias. Tenías toda la razón. Mi computadora portátil ha sido reparada y estoy muy contento. Gracias.


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The black wire is an antenna cable for Wi-Fi on the laptop to get reception. The issue is caused by something else, maybe the screen, screen cable or an issue with the board.

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You were absolutely right. I took the laptop to a store today and they've fixed it. It needed a new wifi antenna cable and the rest was fine. I guess the lcd cable was loose. Thank u so much :)


Well.. another problem has occurred. The touchpad stopped working. It's not working anymore and the cursor wasn't even visible, until I've plugged in my USB mouse. I've tried to reinstall the touchpad drivers but no difference. By the way my WiFi is working perfectly, even though that cable is broken?!

How's that even possible? Please help me.


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Estimado , el cable se llama flex


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Muchas gracias :D


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