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White pressure spot after screen replacement

Hi guys,

i’m struggling with the iPhone 7 repair. And the specificly the place where the ‘connector’ needs to be placed in case you dont want any pressure spots After closing it.

is there an specific guide and/or video which is showing How to do this in detail?

thanks in advance!

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With a few google searches - I was able to find some interesting reads that would certainly help you as you are not the first.

A forum post of an individual that unfortunately had a pressure spot, a few people helped him out and were pretty insightful (chris/@bobcat1981 makes some great suggestions and detailed answers on how to do it)

Pressure spot on iPhone after screen replacement..

Also, properly following the iFixit guide will defiantly lead to a greater success.

iPhone 7 Display tauschen

Hope this helped! Good Luck!

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