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The Nextbook NX008HD8G is an 8'' Android tablet released in September 2013.

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Why do I have a 'connection problem?'

I am using a Nextbook Model NX008HD8G and cannot access a page I have been using for a year.  I get

'Connection Problem Couldn't establish a secure connection'

However, I can access other pages.  Can you help?

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Have you tried different web browsers? I would at least give another web browser a try. What I mean by web browser is not like you go to google.com and try it from there but rather I mean download ex. Firefox, Opera, Chrome and try it from there.

PS: If you are using Chrome, Chome can sometimes be a pain with “Establishing Secure Connection…” errors for me too. You are not alone!

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I am going to try that. Thank you.


I tried to install firefox, but didn't 'have enough space.' So, I tried going back and this time the page opened. I don't know why, but I'm good to go again. Thanks.


@roosterman Alright, if you found this answer acceptable then please mark it as correct so we can clean up the unanswered question list. Happy I could help! ;-)


I clicked on 'yes' this was helpful.' Is there a place to click on 'correct?'


No worries, it is marked as correct now. Where you mark it as correct is beside the “Add Comment” button by a question


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