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The BLU Energy X Plus has a 5.5 ' HD display, 1GB ram, and an 8mp camera.

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Phone wont boot past the first image

I tried to unlock the bootloader of my BLU Energy X Plus so I could root it, but my phone froze on the boot mode selection screen. I turned it off and turned it back on and now it wont go past the first boot image with the BLU logo with a white background. It also wont show up in adb or device manager as an android device anymore. Any solutions?

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I am an iPhone guy but after some digging I found this technique

1. Turn off your phone by removing the battery and put it back in.

2. Press the volume up key and the power button together (Volume up key first) until the phone comes on. your phone should enter into 'recovery mode'

3. Using the volume control keys, select 'wipe cache partition' or 'wipe cache'.

4. Press the power button to select it, and it will clean the cache.

5. Scroll to 'restart phone' or 'reboot phone', and it should reboot now....

Please report back to us if this works or not. :)

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Yes, you have to completely disconnect it from the phone itself


I got it to the screen, and I cleared the cache and selected "reboot system now", but the phone is still on the startup screen. Any steps I missed?


Still stuck? Wow this one stumps me good. I would try contacting Blu support now about this one. Just don’t say you were attempting to root your phone as they will likely not help you if you do say that. http://www.bluproducts.com/contact/suppo...


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