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Das Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ist eine Kombination aus Mobiltelefon und Tablet von der Firma Samsung. Es kam im August 2015 auf den Markt.

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Note 5 screen will not turn on

i was tapping on my screen when all of a sudden it just went totally black. green lines appeared but then it went away. the screen did not turn on after. i was able to use sidesync to access my phone but it recently stopped working as the phone did not work any more. is there anything internally i can do to fix this? thanks.

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This sounds like your LCD has gone bad. The green lines you describe are what give it away. You can attempt to do a Glass/LCD replacement but keep in my the sub keys next to the home button are glued to the screen so be very careful.

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Looks like you are due for a new Screen Assembly. I will provide a link below for the iFixit repair guide. The parts that you will need are in the Parts section of the repair guide (under the bottom right of the Introduction section). As @kcthreadsntech said the sub keys next to the home button are glued to the screen, so be aware and careful of that!

iFixit Repair Guide

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