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Model A1121—a speaker system for use with any iPod digital music player, developed and manufactured by Apple. First released on February 28, 2006, the iPod Hi-Fi retailed at the Apple Store until its discontinuation on September 5, 2007.

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Why doesn't the clicking noise stop?

I have a Hi-Fi that has worked flawlessly over the years. Last night as I was listening to music through the aux cord, the sound suddenly went out. As I pressed the volume buttons to see if something had turned down the volume I noticed that the touch buttons weren’t working correctly. Then, this weird clicking noise gradually started coming out the speakers and it wouldn’t stop (even after I had unplugged the aux cord from the unit). I have to unplug the power cord from the speaker in order for the sound to stop. Any time I plug the power cord back on the clicking noise begins as soon as the aux cord comes into contact with anything and I have to unplug the power again. Is there a way to fix this? :(

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I made an experiment i open the box and clean the PCB board and works perfect.

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