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The 8th generation Honda Accord

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Why do only two of my door locks work?

Trying to get all door locks to work

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Only the driver side and passenger rear work with the switches and key the other two dont. So do i need that actuator thing for the other two doors?


In that case that is most likely the problem, yes. It could also be damaged wires or a loose connector, however. Take off the door panel on one of the two non-working doors and unplug the wiring harness that plugs into the actuator. Have someone hit the lock/unlock button while you test for voltage present at the wires with a multimeter. If you have voltage on the correct wires at the right times then your actuator is faulty. Here's a detailed video of how to replace them that will also help you dissassemble the door panel to test those wires.



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Hey Mark. Which two door locks aren’t functioning? Do the non-working locks still not work when you use your key fob, the lock switch on the driver’s door, AND the doors themselves? If they DO work from any of these 3, then the switches that don’t work are likely the problem. If the locks don’t work with any of the 3 switches, it’s likely the lock actuators themselves.

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