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Die Xbox Spielkonsole der dritten Generation von Microsoft kam am 22. November 2013 auf den Markt;

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Why wont my xbox turn on?

Long story short, i was having optical drive issues with my xbox one it was having issues taking games and also ejecting them. My gta got stuck and i tried the manual eject but it didnt work so i decided to take it apart and see if i could handle the diabolical situation myself but after putting it back together the xbox wont turn on.

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Now there is a lot of reasons this may have happened. So let me ask a few!

  1. While repairing the device, did you have any liquids or water near it?
  2. Were you wearing anti-static gloves or did you feel a shock while fidgeting around?
  3. have you made sure all the connections to the motherboard are secure and placed properly?
  4. Is your power strip/wall outlet dead?

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Honestly. I didnt have any liquids near by and i didnt know i was supposed to be wearing gloves while tinkering with the xbox. I dont think all the connections are secured, i discovered some damage to the case of it and its causing the pieces to remain disconnected.


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