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Aktualisierte Version des Retina MacBook 2016. Modell A1534, EMC 3099. Jetzt mit schnelleren Kaby Lake Prozessoren bis zu 1,4 GHz Core i7 mit Turbo Boost bis zu 3,6 GHz und bis zu 50 Prozent schnellerer SSD und unterstützt bis zu doppelt so viel Speicher.

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Computer shuts down randomly when playing videos

Hi everyone,

I bought my Macbook in June 2018. Since the last 2-3 months, every time I’m using Google Hangouts, or Netflix or Youtube, my computer shuts down. Screen goes black and it turns off.

When turning it back on, it doesn’t show any message or signs of Kernel panic, so it doesn’t seem to be any problem with the operative system.

I restarted several times with recovery mode to see if there would be any weird messages in the report, but seems like everything is working alright.

I also did a factory reset and deleted everything in case some download was the cause - nothing either.

Some extra details on my laptop:

MAC OS High Sierra

version 10.13.6 (17G65)

MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, 2017)

Processor: 1.2 GHz Intel Core m3

Memory: 8 GB 1867 MHz LPDDR3

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 615 1536 MB

Has anyone experienced something like this? Any suggestions on what I could do about it?

Thanks a lot!

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2 Antworten

Hi Alexandra,

Are you using the Youtube, Netflix and Hangouts apps? or the web version?

If you are using the web version, please try to use a diffrent browser or try the apps in the app store.

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All through my browser (Chrome)

if I used the apps directly you think it would solve the problem?


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Its hard to say that it will solve the problem, but its never a bad idea to try diffrent solutions. So i would suggest for you to try Safari or Firefox as browsers, or just the apps from the app store.


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