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Repair guides and support for electric and gas powered high pressure sprayers, sometimes known as power washers.

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Power washer blows the line off the soap reservoir.

Honda GCV 160 Black Max BM80913 Power Washer wasn’t drawing soap… I took off the line to check for blockage, none found so reattached the line. Now, when I turn on the water and start the engine, water is forced back through the soap line & blows the cap off the reservoir, then the line off the pump fitting, and what doesn’t make it through the hose & wand continues to spew all over from the fitting.

Anyone have some insight as to what has caused this to occur?? I’m thinking disassembling the pump is not recommended given my lack of knowledge regarding these units. Any guidance will be very much appreciated!

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There is a check ball and spring in there that is obviously not doing its job. probably debris stuck in there keeping the ball from seating. That or the spring is broken, or severely corroded? not much else can go wrong with a ball and a spring. You should be able to buy a replacement, which would include the fitting, the ball, and the spring, for pretty cheap.

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