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Das Galaxy S7 Edge ist die Variante mit gekrümmtem Bildschirm von Samsungs 2016 Flaggschiff-Smartphone, dem Galaxy S7. Angekündigt im Februar 2016 und am 11. März 2016 veröffentlicht. Modell SM-G935.

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My S7 Edge cannot vibrate after opening up just the back

Hi, I've removed the back glass and the flat plastic puzzle like pieces right under it (like wireless charger, etc.) and now when I turn on the phone it cannot vibrate at all. I go to the testing menu by dialing the code and test the vibration part and nothing happens, absolutely no movement. What did I break? I simply removed the back, screws and plastic flat pieces. Those aren't the vibrating motor??? I didn’t touch anything else, no motherboard, no camera, no nothing.

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Are you testing the device with the back piece screwed on? If not, then that may just be the issue. The black plastic piece holds and pushes the board slightly, and that would make the board have contact with the vibe motor (vibe motor has 2 gold contacts that need to make contact with the board). Turn off the device, screw the top plate on and see if it works.

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