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Die Wi-Fi Version von Apples iPad 6, erschienen im März 2018. Erhältlich mit 32 und 128 GB Speicher. Ausgestattet mit einem 9,7" Retina Display und einem 64-bit A10 Fusion Prozessor.

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Replacement Back Cover iPad 6

My girlfriend found her iPad on the Floor with the bottom right hand corner bent. I would say the bend is significant. The display has separated near the middle of the right side.

I have googled for replacement back covers but I have come up empty. Does anyone know where I could get a back cover? Is there any difference to the iPad 5 back cover?

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You should post a picture of the damaged corner. Most techs just (gently) hammer out the dents. You can use a tool like this one (sorry, iFixit doesn’t seem to carry this).

Here’s an example:


Block Image


Block Image

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Link provided heads to an opening tool..anything wrong with the Url, with my browser or I didn't get how one is supposed to use that to reshape corners ? :)


@arbaman you flip the tool around and use the rounded edge to form the corner of the iPad. I use a jeweler's hammer so that I get a light touch :>).


Ok, got it now :) I made myself something similar starting from a large flat head screwdriver which I round shaped with a grindstone..it's somewhat smaller and fits iphones corners too. It has the advantage of having a nice handle with a larger surface to hammer if you need a not so light touch ;)


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