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Repair guides and support for computer monitors produced by Samsung.

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Samsung SyncMaster doesn't connect with PC


I got this Samsung SyncMaster P2370 from work, because they say it is damaged. The monitor starts perfectly and background lighting works, but the PC doesn’t react if I connect the monitor! The monitor shows an input-box icon and turns off after a while.

It has a DVI input and I use a HDMI-DVI-adapter and a HDMI-cable.

Anybody knows what’s going on or which parts I should check?

Thanks in advance!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @muellerbua

Suggest you to take out the board with no 6 on it

inspect this board for any cold solder joint, especially on the DVI connector behind.

open the shield below and inspect the board if there is any abnormalities, e.g. burnt component, etc.

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Thank you! I will check it out!


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Just for the community: The display was completely fine! I just needed a VGA-DVI Adapter.

So apparently a HDMI-DVI-Adapter doesn’t work here

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I have always used a HDMI-DVI-Adapter with no problem! As the above thread reads, the DVI connector can have a cold solder break from the pressure on the board from the weight of the attached cable.

Now does anyone know if it is safe to reflow that board in the oven?


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