Battery charge issue after replacing battery connector on A1466


I tore the battery connector right off an A1466 (820-00165) MacBook Air. I was fortunate to have access to a spare 820-00165 board with an intact battery connector, as it appears to be impossible to find a replacement part online.

I harvested the connector from the dead board and soldered it in place on the working board. The MacBook now turns on without any issues if a charged battery is inserted into the connector, however the machine itself will not charge the battery. The light on the MagSafe will only turn on when a battery is not installed. If the MacBook is off with no battery inserted and a MagSafe is connected, the light on the MagSafe will turn amber. I can plug a battery in while the MacBook powered down with the amber light on the MagSafe and it actually charges the battery. If the MagSafe is unplugged and then reconnected, the Macbook does not recognize the charger. To sum it up, the only way to get the MacBook to work with a battery inserted is by inserting the battery after there’s already power being sent to the MacBook.

Anyone ever seen this type of behaviour? I cleaned the board with 99% IPA following the soldering of the replacement connector. I don’t see any corrosion in the area of the battery connector. I have a multimeter but I’m a n00b in the early stages of learning this craft and I don’t know what else I would check at this point.

Any guidance would be appreciated,


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