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Veröffentlicht am 16. September 2016. Modelbezeichnung 1660, 1778. Verfügbar in den Versionen: GSM oder CDMA / 32, 128 oder 256GB / Rosé Gold, Gold, Silber, mattschwarz oder hochglanz schwarz

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New phone but Vivosmart 3 is still trying to connect to the old phone

I broke my old phone transferred the sim to new iPhone 7 but the Vivosmart 3 is still trying to reconnect to the old phone. Tried everything. Deleted the ap, reinstalled, turned off the phone and back on, turned off Bluetooth etc etc

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You need to pair your VivoSmart 3 with your new phone.



I can’t do that until I get the Vivosmart 3 to unpair from the old phone. The phone was water damaged so doesn’t work anymore so can’t do it from the phone. Please someone help !


Thank you but The Vivosmart 3 just shows the band is trying to reconnect to the phone, no option to pair as it thinks it is already paired, but the phone it is paired to is now dead. I need to find a way to get the Vivosmart to forget the old phone.


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I’m pretty certain there is a way to manually reset the pairing on your watch. Just like any other bluetooth device it should be capable of doing so.

Re-pairing instructions I found online

  1. Open Garmin Connect app;
  2. Double tap on the face of the Vivosmart to activate the device;
  3. Press and hold the face of the Vivosmart until the settings options appear;
  4. Swipe through the settings until you see the Bluetooth symbol;
  5. Press the Bluetooth symbol;
  6. Press the right arrow once;
  7. Touch Pair;

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