Upgrade LCD Dell Inspiron 5577 to IPS 4K

Hi people, everything good?

I am studying the possibility of updating the LCD of my Dell Inspiron 5577 for a 4K IPS screen, I found this screen as an example: LTN156FL02-101.

I know there is a version of my notebook (Dell 7559) with a touch screen and 4K, so I believe that what I want to do is possible.

From what I've researched so far, the only thing I need to do is to change the EDP cable, my current has 30 pins, and the 4K screens use the 40 pins, I found the 40 pins cable (PN: 0726R2) even used in the 4K version of the Dell Inspiron 7559 with 4K touch screen.

This image below would be the cable I bought to do the test, it would be 40 pin, even used in the 4K Touch version of my notebook.

Only difference from it would be the pins that go on the LCD, which are 40 Pin, all remain the same, so I think it can work

Block Image

I believe that because my notebook exists this version 4K, should work, what could harm me would be something on the motherboard that would be different between versions. Because the rest are all the same, both models have dedicated video card that stand the quiet resolution.

Motherboard Dell 7559

Block Image

Motherboard Dell 5577 - My Laptop

Block Image

we can see that they are practically the same

where the 7559 has a model that is 4K

probably works on my model 5577

pinning on the motherboard is the same, I made the purchase of the Dell 7559 cable, where it accepts to connect the 40 Pin 4K LCD

Anyone here ever made any kind of change like that and had any positive or negative results?

What do you think?

Thank you guys!!

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My only question is, you say that at the moment your laptop has a 30 pin eDP cable which presumably fits into a 30 pin eDP connector on the motherboard, is this correct.?

If it is correct that there is only a 30 pin eDP connector on your motherboard, how do you propose to fit the 40 pin eDP cable necessary for the new screen into the 30 pin eDP connector on your motherboard?

Apologies if this is wrong and there is a 40 pin eDP connector on your motherboard (you say "... pinning on the motherboard is the same....") but your pictures of the cable and motherboards are so very small that I can't make out any details.

Here's a better way of posting images on ifixit Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


Hello friend, thanks for the help with the photos, I just changed, and now it should be much better to be visualized.

Regarding the two motherboards, both have the 40 Pin connector, what would change would be the other end of the cable just that connected on the LCD of the laptop, okay? I think I just said wrong maybe ...

I believe that using the same cable of the 7559 laptop that has a 4K screen should work, because the structure of the two notebooks, according to the pictures of the motherboards, is the same.



My only concerns now would be that hopefully the functions of the wires on the motherboard connector, even though it is 40 pin, are the same for both laptops. I mean that whatever function was on pin 1 in your laptop is the same as what is on pin 1 in the other laptop, the same for pin 2 , 3 etc.

Having a schematic of both the motherboards would verify what the wire functions are and if they are the same, but they are not easy to get.

And also that the BIOS on your motherboard will allow it to happen.

You can only try. and see if it works

On a different subject but still regarding your laptop, are you aware of the Intel ME/TXE Advisory notice on the support page for your laptop? (noticed this when I was trying to find out info regarding the BIOS for both laptops)

Good luck if you do try and see if it works. ;-)


Yes it is true friend, I have this doubt also, if the pins will have the same functions.

I tried to find something on the internet about pinning the two boards, but to no avail.

Just doing the same test.

But I'm still hoping to have someone who has already taken the test, and let us know here whether it's valid or not =]

About the warning, I was not aware, thank you for the warning, I'll take a look today and do the updates mentioned in the link, thank you for the notice !!!



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