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A mid-range smartphone with a 5 inch 1080p IPS display, fingerprint sensor, and 12 MP rear camera.

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How to dry the phone from inside water

I have water inside the phone it is accumulated inside the screen and now the screen doesn’t work anymore, I tried to bury the phone inside the rice but it didn’t work.

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Open it and dry it out.

Huawei nova touchscreen and lcd Replacement

After you get it open. use this guide to try to repair it:

Electronics Water Damage

Rice as a desiccant is an old wives tale and does nothing but ruin the rice.


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Actually, its not enough to dry it our by hand. You need to go to a rep center who has the right technology to save your device. Otherwise you will never get the corrosion on the components out. I know that my local rep center works with this company, Techsave who has a technology that saves phones and the data on it. Might be a something worth checking out.

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