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The HP Pavilion dv6500 is an affordable multimedia notebook with a 15.4" screen , a stylish case, and a security fingerprint scanner.

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Working charger won't power or charge laptop.

Have a DV6500 HP laptop with good battery and charger. Suddenly it will not charge or power up when charger is plugged in. When I charge the battery on another laptop and put in the defective one, the laptop will run fine. I have replaced the charger board but no success.

Any Ideas?

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Thanks for the answer, but unfortunately that did not solve the issue. I’m thinking it may be a hardware issue in that it was charging the battery and then suddenly stopped. The charger has tested good, the battery is good and I have changed the charger board out. The computer works fine with a battery, unfortunately I cannot charge the battery or power the laptop with the charger.


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I would say you have a corrupted battery driver, did you know the battery needs a driver to charge.

Got to control panel and find device manager, Battery, uninstall the drivers and re boot with charger plugged in . Windows will be looking for a driver API, you may have to go to the internet to get the driver, install it and reset again.

I hope I understand your explanation and this works.

Good luck.


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