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The Motorola G5s Plus can be identified by its model number: XT1804 (varies based on country). It is an updated version of the 5th generation of Motorola’s Moto G series. Some distinguishing features of this device are its metal unibody design, improved front and rear cameras, and bigger battery.

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No signal due to water damage

My moto g5s plus fall in water for only 5 seconds.

Now it is showing no signal but detecting the sim cards company.. I went to two authorized service centre.. In 1st they said they need to install software and on 2nd they said it is motherboard problem which will cost ₹16,000(More than same new phone).. A local repairer said it will cost under ₹2,000 if he found the IC which he didn't found.. Now what should I do ..and where I can find it's IC?

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depending on the water damage this could be the 3G connectivity, antenna or sim. You really need to open the phone, clean the motherboard and remove any debris or corrosion present.

Electronics Water Damage

Moto G5s Plus Disassembly

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