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Inkjet printer released in the mid 2000's by HP. Uses the HP 45/78 ink combination.

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Reloading HP Deskjet 932c drivers and software for Windows10

Printer does not engage paper and drivers need updating. Have received recommendation to re uninstalled three printer from pc. Now what tedo I do.. thank you for your help. Also wanted to download that Doctor help for my HP Deskjet 932c.

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HP doesn’t supply Win 10 drivers for this printer.

The drivers should be provided by the Win10 OS.

If Win 10 doesn’t detect your printer model, it may be that the printer is too old and is no longer supported in Win 10.

As for the “Doctor”, here’s a link

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If you have uninstalled the printer you can download the software here:


as for the doctor help I am not sure about that part.

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