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Device and repair guides for the RCA 10 Viking Pro, an Android tablet with detachable keyboard that can be identified by model number RCT6303W87 DK.

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I have a RCA Viking Pro Tablet and need to reset the device. How do I

I have a RCA Viking Pro Tablet and need to do a reset of the device. How do I do that?

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  1. 1. Power the device down completely, and then hold both the volume up button and the power button until the RCA logo appears on the screen. When the screen changes to the Android bot on his back, press and hold the power button and then press volume up once more.
  2. At this point, the Android System Recovery screen appears, with a list of options. Use the volume up and down buttons to navigate the menu and make selections accordingly. To reset the device, scroll to "wipe data/factory reset" and press the power button.
  3. Confirm the selection by scrolling down through several "no" entries until the word "yes" is visible.
  4. Highlight "yes" and press the power button.

Credit to @lpfaff1 for this answer.

How to reset the password

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I want to totally wipe this tablet out but it keeps asking for previous account that was used to sync tablet?? Help!!


Me to I have the same problem


My tablet was stolen and I believe it was wiped, if the reset it is there anyway that I may be able to recover it still?


I have the RCA 10 Viking Pro 2 in 1 tablet with detachable keyboard. It does not have either a reset button or volume button anywhere. So, how should I press "power" and "volume up" when there is no volume button? I tried using the volume up button on the keyboard, but all that combination got me to was the dawgs and nothing after took me to the recumbent Android figure.


I have reset factory settings and now during start up it will not go any further and It is popping up Unfortunately Google play services has stopped and the ok .


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thank you very much i really needed it for my grandchild

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Thank you so much for your help I'm so happy there are people like you that are kind enough to help people like me

Hugs to you



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How do I change my 10 viking ll pro tablet with keyboard?

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