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iPhone 7 plus boot looping on newly installed screen

I’ve just replaced my 7 plus’s screen:

if i plug the home button in it will start boot looping and never make it to the home page . (on new screen)

i plugged the home button back into the original screen, the screen wont light up at all but if i click the home button i can feel the tapic engine clicking.

If i unplug the home button from the original screen the screen, the screen then lights up and works as normal

I have pulled the front facing cam in and out and it doesnt seem to have any relevance to the issue.

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Double check your connectors from the screen to the Logic Board first, make sure they are properly aligned. If you damaged the home button during it's removal you are going to have to order a replacement. Please note you will loose Touch ID if you replace the home button but it will still work as a button.


it's a 7, i can't order a home button, any other options?


Anthony, sorry but it's a 7, it won't work as a button either.


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You didn’t mention what happens with the replacement screen if you plug it in without the home button but I’d think it would be working, without bootlooping. If that’s the case, it seems both screens are working and home button is faulty, just delivering different issues with different connecting cables. Is it so ?

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sorry yes, that's right, the brand new screen boots up and works great if the home button isn't plugged in, i'm just confused why the home button would have the taptic engine physical vibration on the original screen if the home button was broken during the removal


@brandonsmith94 Button is probably partly damaged, you will likely need some very good magnification to spot the damage or it needs testing with a multimeter to reveal a possible damage. Try to check also the connector on the logic board. If you don't manage to see anything you might want to find a micro-solderer to do the job, or reinstall the broken screen and take it to Apple for screen replacement, that should also take care of the faulty button.


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If you’re able to get another replacement screen, it could be the first replacement one is faulty. Happened to me once, boot looped and tried a second screen and it was fine. Same original flex cable and home button.

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