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Vorgestellt am 16. September 2016. Modelle A1661, A1784 und A1785. Verfügbar mit 32, 128 oder 256 GB internem Speicher in den Farben Rose-Gold, Gold, Silber, Schwarz, Diamantschwarz und Rot.

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iPhone 7 Plus died at airport x-ray?

Hi, my friend’s iPhone 7 Plus was fine with a decent battery charge, then immediately after airport x-ray security, the phone was completely dead!

No life when plugged in to the wall and laptop.

She read somewhere the magnetic field from the conveyor belt may have killed it?!

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Magnetic field from the conveyor belt…I doubt that, a zillion phones go through airport security everyday; if it were a widespread issue, we would be hearing a lot more about it.

The X-Rays however…maybe. There are scattered reports about this but again, nothing widespread. It could be electronics embedded in the battery housing that communicate the charge state to the the CPU that were affected. Try leaving it on charge overnight. If that doesn’t work, then go to a local shop or buy a replacement battery and try that. If nothing helps, then you may have a logic board issue.

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