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Designed by ASUS in 2015 as a budget laptop made for travel and everyday uses.

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My processor is slow. Can I upgrade it?

Whenever I shut down my chromebook and start it up again, it is really slow to start up on my tabs. Can I replace my processor on this

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No, not really, it’s soldered to the motherboard which was designed to be as a non upgradable system.

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Sorry there are on upgrade possibility with this system. Here’s a similar systems specs: Asus Chromebook C300SA-DS02-LB

You are more like hitting a WiFi network issue. Unlike many standard PC your’s leverages the Internet for storage. So if you have something local the speed would be fast, but if you are reaching across the Internet the connection to it will slow down when started and shutdown as it needs to open as well as close files remotely.

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