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Das Pixel der dritten Generation wurde von Google im Oktober 2018 veröffentlicht.

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Rear glass panel cracked repair?

I dropped my phone and cracked the rear glass panel and the glass on the rear camera lens? Everything still works perfect but is it possible to change the back glass panel?

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This phone is quite new. I would check with Google to see if they will replace the glass for you under warranty. At the time of this post there is no such camera lens or back glass existing for your phone yet so in my opinion it would just be worth it to pull out your wallet and let Google handle this.

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Thanks for the advice. After speaking with Google customer service they are going to replace the device for me.


Kenneth how much did they charge you for a replacement as my device has a corner crack in same area and again works fine other than random white flashes it does when it locks and unlocks it's kinda due to the flashes how I dropped it as it gave me a freight


I had this repair done at UBreakIFix for $107 total, parts and labor.


@coltdorsey , how was the quality of the replacement?


Ubreakifix is a Google partner so they get OEM parts straight from Google.


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