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Stuck on "Get Started" screen (home button damaged)

Hi guys, so I had a customer walked into my shop today with an iPhone 7 plus stuck on the “Hola/Get Started” screen, she cant get through it cause her home button is damaged. Any idea how I can get through it? I dont have access to settings to enable assistive touch because im still on the get started screen.

I know only Apple can fix the home button, but im not looking to get the button fix. Just pass through the get started screen and use the iphone as usual with assistive touch.



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You really can’t get past the “get started” screen without having a functional home button in my experience. Guess it’s another trick up Apple’s sleeve to try and brick your phone and then make you spend money on fixing your phone.

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Not even a hidden "press some button a few times" to get siri or anything to help get past it? If so then that is scary. There is no genuine apple store in my country.


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Is there an option for “Accessibility” on the screen? If so, activate VoiceOver and you will be able to click the screen. The other option that may work is to connect the phone to iTunes, set up as new device and then select VoiceOver from the Accessibility section of the iTunes screen.

Once your in the phone, you can turn on AssitiveTouch.

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