Replaced battery is not charging

Hi all,

I hope you can help, we recently refurbed my HTC M8. It just stopped working properly one day the battery wouldn't hold its charge and then just died completely.

So we decided to replace the battery and the charging port as that was very wobbly. This was done successfully but the phone won't switch on. We have tried holding the on/off button and all the other combinations but nothing. The only thing that happens is after holding the buttons for a count of ten the light will flash orange twice but nothing else. This is when it is plugged in.

Is it possibly something else, the connections have all been checked and are fine. It has even been plugged into a laptop but I am guessing because it is off that is why it doesn't register.

Sorry for the long post, but hope you can help.

Thank you Kate

Long suffering Samsung J1 user

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