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iPhone will not charge or turn on

iPhone 8 plus is completely unresponsive, including when plugged in. Tried to charge when plugged into PC (iTunes will not recognize a phone is plugged in) and into wall with multiple ac adapters and cables. I've tried hard reset and dfu mode but nothing will make the phone respond. There's no water damage and the exterior is in very good condition. Any suggestions besides taking it to an Apple store?

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The most common damage on an unopened phone that has no water damage is the tristar chip. Tristar is commonly damaged by non-certified “gas station” chargers. After that, you can leave your phone on a charger indefinitely, but it is the same as just leaving it on your bed—-the phone can’t charge. With that said, twice TODAY i’ve seen the exact same sudden death single cap failure on iPhone 8 plus, so you may have a readily solvable logic board problem (readily solvable by a competent microsolderer)

The next step for you is to figure out if this phone can’t boot, or if it just can’t charge. The way to determine this is open it up and plug in a new battery.

Apple Store will be a complete waste of time unless you’re cool with just paying the swap fee and turning it in. $349

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The only thing Apple will offer you is an exchange. If you have data on the phone that you need recover, Apple will be of no help. The only way to get data off the phone is to have it repaired.

What happened to the phone leading up to this failure? Was it dropped or repaired recently r did it just fail out of the blue?

If you wanted to try something yourself, you could try a new battery as that is the weakest link in the chain. Otherwise, I would suggest you have this looked at by a a repair shop that does micro-soldering repairs as there’s a good probability that the issue is at the board level.

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Nothing weird and no serious damage that I can recall. The worst the phone has been through was a short tumble inside of a car, but that was weeks before it failed. A couple of weeks ago the phone wouldn't turn on after it was plugged in overnight.

Short of buying a new battery or charging port, is there a way to figure out whether either is broken?


Were you using an original charging brick and Lightning cable? Poor quality or defective chargers can damage the charge circuit inside the phone. Based on this latest info, I suspect you will need a micro-soldering repair.


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