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RCA Android tablet, identified by model number RCA RCT6303W87.

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I got an error that the device doesn't match hardware requirements

After playing a game for moths I got a message that the device doesn't match hardware requirements. Why and how to fix. I shut tablet down, uninstalled app, hit reset on back and still keep getting message

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What game were you playing. Unless you rooted the device and added a third party app, maybe, but not likely. You wouldn't even be able to load the game (much less play it) if the requirements to run it exceeded the limits of the device. My device freezes up constantly, I feel your pain. Reset it and my device doesn't like launchers.


I Have That problem after update on android tv


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Looking at the specs of the tablet, it would appear that there isn’t a good reason for this to be happening. Does the game require any sensors such as accelerometers/gyroscopes for playing? The devs of the game might’ve added a requirement for a sensor that isn’t in your device.

Another thing you can try is factory resetting the device. This only resets the OS and deletes all apps on the device, not your data such as pictures and music.

Here’s a guide by RCA on how to do a manual factory reset: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1LOHEH6...

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Nice link to You Toob there. Would you have a link for the firmware? Flashing the firmware in would correct many errors.


I don't know how one would go about reinstalling said firmware onto this device (it may not be possible to unlock the bootloader on it), also, there aren't any flashable firmware files that I can find. These two problems together are leading me to believe that reflashing this device's firmware isn't possible.

Reflashing firmware isn't usually useful unless your device can't boot into the OS. A factory reset should fix everything that is problematic.

Also, make sure you have the latest version of the firmware on it by checking for updates in settings.


I have one that's rooted already. I put the Kingoroot apk on an sd card and ran it. It was that simple. I have yet to try it but any compatible ROMs may come from this device which is the same spec-wise, https://acerrecertified.com/acer-10-1-me.... They are essentially the same pc-board "mt8127" and that's only if you persue updating firmware. I have a link for the firmware for the Viking Pro 10.1 but it's device specific for the RCT6303W87, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz4bOoJ....

To install the firmware use Flashify from Google Play Store, https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai....

Write back if you have difficulties or need instructions.


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