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The true amount of maximum RAM?

I understand that in the 2012 unibody models that you can upgrade the RAM to 16 GB, even though Apple says that the max RAM is 8 GB. Is this the case with the 2011 unibody MBPs?

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You know better than to not be specific as to exactly which machine.


@mayer How was I not specific? The machine I am referring to is the device I listed.


this year's MBPs? 2018? Is English your second language?


Fine, that may have been a bit vague. However, I got the answer I needed.


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16 Gig actual 8 as per Apple see Mactracker

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Yes, this is correct. My friend has this Mac and he was able to use two sticks of 8 GB RAM in his MacBook Pro. Worked just fine.


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