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My mac is beeping and won't turn on

My mac was working just fine the other day but today when I turned on my mac, it run refind (I have refind installed) and I chose to boot from my macos Mojave partition. But during the middle of the loading screen, my mac screen turned black (my mac does this normally during the middle of the loading screen when I boot from my Mojave partition, but it only lasts up to 5 seconds and then resumes loading regularly) but then mac started beeping three times every few seconds and the front led flashed in sync with the beeping, so I forced shut down my mac and tried turning it back on hoping the problem would fix itself but when I turned my mac back on the problem still continued but the screen never turned on unlike the first time

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The three beeps indicate a RAM error, First try reseating the RAM:

MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2012 RAM austauschen

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worked, thanks


excellent, glad I could help


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