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Entry level Photosmart printer introduced in 2009. Uses HP Tri-Color ink cartridges with a disposable printhead.

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Printer not printting black ink when trying to print Documents...

Hi y’all, the printer I have is actually an HP Photosmart 7520 series, iFixit just didn’t have that printer to select from. I have the printer hooked up wirelessly and when I print test status reports from the printer menu it prints those with black ink just fine but when I try to print a word or text document from my computer it won’t print black ink but will print other colored ink. I tried downloading driver updates for the printer on my computer, resetting settings on the printer and, switching which trays to print from on the printer and so far no luck :( I tried googling the problem online and all I could find was people with problems like not printing black ink period but my problem is it won’t print black ink when I try to print any kind of word or text document. Any help would be much appreciated , thank you!

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This is odd. If you are printing a black and white document then change the print job settings to print gray scale.

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