black screen on comp presario

In the forum says that clean the fan, which djd and also says to heat up the

chip, but I need to know how to i removed it and which one is it, because

on the video shows to remove it and heat it up, how do i remove it .

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Hi @h007l ,

What have you tried thus far to check if the laptop's GPU is OK as you haven't said?

Have you connected an external monitor to the laptop to see if there is a display showing on it?

If there is a display, then the GPU is OK and you might have a faulty video cable or display panel.

Have you tried shining a torch at an angle close to the laptop screen to see if a display is visible? It will be very faint so try this is a darkened room as it may help to see if there is an image or not.

If you can see a display on the laptop screen then you have a backlight problem

If you cannot see a display this way then you might have a faulty video cable or display panel.

If there is no display on an external monitor either then you may have to consider if reflowing the GPU by heating it is a worthwhile option as you can create more problems than what you had before you started and still not have fixed it.

If you have a Compacq Presario CQ 62 looking at the service manual it appears that you can remove the CPU but not the GPU (video chip) as it is permanently mounted onto the motherboard, so if you wish to heat this to hopefully reflow it onto the motherboard you'll have to remove the whole board and stick it in an oven at the appropriate temperature for a while, with all the risks that may entail when doing this.


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