White line displaying on my BM/PVM CRT tv no picture is it Vertical Co

White line displaying on my BM/PVM CRT tv no picture is it Vertical Collapse (JVC BM H2000PN-K)

Hi i have an issue with this CRT TV. It’s like a Vertical Collapse so i followed the tutorials online discharged, reflowed the Vertical IC solder and no fix, then i have

replaced the IC chip NEC Japan UPC1498H and have put it back together properly making sure to not mix the cables up by matching the letters, double checked etc. And no fix i have the exact same issue white line on the top of the screen and black screen no menu. I have checked the rest overall very good condition the caps all look good, it’s clean, solder doesn’t look dry just looks like it hasn’t been used much. The previous owner said this happened randomly. No one has opened it up before and it hasn’t been dropped or anything. So what could the issue be? And what is this white line at top of the screen doesn’t vertical collapse have the line in the centre of the screen.

Service Manual https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ibCyfMW...

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