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Model A1318 / 32 or 64 GB capacity

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help me undisable my iPod 3rd generation

the left slide of my ipod was froze, so i couldent put my password in. Then it became diabled an tells me to try back in 21,298,968 minutes... How do i fix it... PLEASE HELP.................

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Why is my iPod disabled for a long time?

How do I reset my iPod touch to its original factor setting?

take a look at these answers and see if they are any help. i know they are a different generation but generally the advice is the same..

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+ works for me


+ for me too


So it should.... You wrote the second link!! Should get points for being linked hopefully.. Hint hint America ! If the advice on the links helps please vote them up! Cheers


it's all about teamwork on here...:-)


You're right Polly. Did you give me one?


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Hold the lock button and the home button until it turns off

When it's off, hold them together for 10 seconds then release the lock button. This puts it into a certain mode where it won't turn on

Then, plug it into a computer and restore the IPod

Make sure you have your data backed up because this will erase all data


Watch this video if you do not understand my answer


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Ryan Ckit, oh you mean DFU mode like pollytintop suggested 1 1/2 years ago....


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