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JBL Flip 4 tragbarer Lautsprecher. IPX7-wasserdichter Bluetooth-Lautsprecher, der mit dem CES Innovation Award 2017 ausgezeichnet wurde.

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Only one side works when playing music I tried aux cord

When playing music only one side works but when I turn it on and off it works both sides. I tried aux cord having it stay plugged in a wall. Also tried it with 2 different phones IPhone SE and Galaxy S7

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Could be that one of the channels in the amplifier is dead, or one of the speakers has blown out due to excessive volume (those tiny speakers sure do push a lot of sound).

To check and see whether this has happened, just follow the beginning part of this video on how to remove the casing. Then you can visually inspect the speakers for damage, and also check them with a multimeter.

By playing music through the speaker, you should be able to see which of the speakers isn’t working. Then you can disconnect and pull the speaker out and check the resistance with a multimeter set to the 200Ω or continuity setting. It should show a value around 4-8Ω if the speaker is good, 0 of it’s shorted internally, and and an “open circuit”, “1” or whatever it normally shows when you don’t touch the leads to each other.

If the resistance is in the 4-8Ω range, that means there’s something wrong electrically with the control board. Most likely a dead amplifier channel, since you said it happened even with an aux cord.

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It’s not dead I have two that I bought 2 days ago when I turn it on both the speakers work when I pair, connect, and turns off it only does not work when I play music


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Do you mean that you're trying to use both speakers together at the same time?

I'm confused by the issue with them, since it sounds like they turn on, but do/don't play music?

Also, I don't have an Instagram account, so the iFixit forum is easier for me.


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