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Google Pixel ist Googles erstes Flaggschiff-Smartphone, welches am 20. Oktober 2016 veröffentlicht wurde. Das Gerät mit einem 5 Zoll AMOLED Display ist mit 32 GB oder 128 GB Speicher erhältlich und in 3 verschiedenen Farben, blau (Really Blue), schwarz (Quite Black) und silber (Very Silver) verfügbar.

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heat gun temperature, if not using iOpener

I've received the kit to replace the battery. I won't be using the iOpener, but will be using a heat gun instead. What temperature should I use?

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80 to 100 degree Celsius is the temperature used to separate the glass from the LCD. To remove the complete assembly you will need a consistent heat across the whole area. At about 110/120 degrees Fahrenheit the adhesive becomes much more pliable than at normal temperature, but it is not an exact science (unless you use a hot plate or a rework station). Use your heat gun along the edges and keep moving it until the edges have a consistent temperature and the adhesive it soft enough so that you can use the removal tool. Use this guide Google Pixel Akku Austausch for the removal.

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In between 80 to 100 degrees Celsius is where you want to be. Too hot and you damage the LCD, so don’t go above 100 Celsius.

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