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The Kindle Fire, Fire, or Amazon Fire is an Android-based media tablet by Amazon with a multi-touch color display. Repair requires only screwdrivers and prying tools.

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My kindle is charging but not connecting to my computer, what's wrong?

Not Connecting to computer via usb cord.

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have you tried restarting both PC and kindle?


I have done that. My other Kindle will connect, but not my older one.


I’ve tried six different usb cables till now and my kindle charges when it’s connected to a laptop but it doesn’t show on it. It was working fine two days ago and now it doesn’t show up at all. All the cables I used, always worked on the kindle previously. What should I do?


Hi @asterin

Did you try any of the suggestions in the Chosen Solution below?


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If you used the same cable on all your Kimbles to connect to a computer but only the older one doesn’t connect this at least proves that the cable is OK.

It may be that the charge port enclosure has lint or other debris in it preventing a good connection on all the pins.

The data connection pins are pins 2 and 3 while the power pins are 1 and 5.

Inspect the charge port using a strong light and a magnifying glass to see if there is any obstruction and that all the pins are there and that they are all straight and parallel with each other.

If there is any lint etc, use a vacuum cleaner to try and suck out any obstruction. DO NOT use a metal pin or probe to try and clear it as you may damage the pins and / or cause an electrical problem in the tablet. If necessary, use a sharpened wooden toothpick to very gently clear any debris.

If the port enclosure seems to be clear it may be that the charge port connector has become partially loose from the systemboard.

Here’s a link the Kindle Fire Hauptplatine austauschen guide. It is useful as it shows how to open the tablet so that access to the connector is possible.

If the connector is just loose you will need SMD (surface mounted device) soldering skills and tools to effect the repair.

If this seems too daunting, take your tablet to a reputable, professional mobile phone or electronics repair service and ask for a quote. Tell them about the ifixit guide if they have any doubts about how to open the tablet. ;-)

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