Why is my recently refurbed Kitchenaid Professional 6 mixer so loud?

I recently refurbished my Kitchenaid Professional 6 mixer by replacing the plastic gear box with a metal one, as well as replacing the motor and worm gear. Now it’s loud. Real loud. There’s no screeching or grinding, just an uncomfortable loudness. I’m positive it’s the interaction of the worm gear with the motor, as I removed the other gears from the gearbox and it’s just as loud as when it’s fully geared.

I also tested the gears without the gearbox on (had someone hold down the worm gear as I turned it on) and discovered the sound is much quiter when the worm gear and motor gear aren’t as closely snug as they can be. But when I put the gear case on, there’s absolutely no play, as it should probably be. I discovered as well that if the top right screw on the gearbox ( if looking from the front) is slightly loosened, the sound diminishes, though not as much as I’d like.

What can I do to make the mixer more quiet, as it doesn’t seem like it should be as loud as it is. Could the gearcase be faulty and pressing down on the gears too much?

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Jason, we have three Pro 6s, and they are the noisiest of all our mixers (around 30). One is a Pro 6 bought new in 2010 and two are from late 1990’s used (epicurius models, I believe). I’m sorry that my advice isn’t helpful, other than you aren’t the only one with noisy Pro 6’s. Our Classic Plus 4.5 is relatively quieter, the Pro 5 is quieter, the Artisan is quieter, and the Commercial 8 we have is much quieter. We haven’t taken anything apart. I would assume plastic parts would be quieter (but less reliable).


My Kitchenaid Professional screams at me!! I'd like it fixed before it quits working.


Hi @bristol3030,

What is the model number of the mixer and how old is it?


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