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Vodafone is a global telecommunications company based in London, England. The company manufactures cellular phones in addition to operating cellular networks.

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How to replace the screen of a VFD-710 (Vodafone Smart V8)?

Hi everyone!

I’m relatively new to all of the DIY repairs, and I’m in need for some help…

Is there anyone who has already replaced a VFD-710 screen/digitizer? Is there any guide or video that I can see?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Helo sir

How to open vodafone smart v8 i ''m change touch screen


I'm still trying to figure that one out... If you find something, please let me know! I'll do the same ;)


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Hi Rodolfo

the link is down there hope it help sorted


Good luck

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Hi Sam,

Thanks for your help, but unfortunately it seems that the two versions are quite different... At least, on a newbie's perspective, like mine... :/

At this point, I can even find a way to open the device. I can't find any screws or openings that I can use. :/


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ive just changed mine ,i used heat gun on the first plastic cover worked ok ,i just managed to pry the second one off and the screws are under both of them ,that obviously loosend the screen as i was able to get stanly knife very gently between screen and body and worked it down the side and off it came

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