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Card locked can not take photo

When I boot up my camera the screen displays “card locked” and the camera will not take pictures. Any ideas?

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Thanks much. This solved my problem. I would have never thought of this solution.


how to solbe my problem


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You likely need to flip the “lock” switch. If flipping the lock switch to the unlocked position doesn’t work then you are going to be out of luck.


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This usually means the memory card has failed to the extent it can no longer read, but permanently locks into read-only mode. This is HOW you want your card to fail; performance will probably take a hit but you can still pull your files off. It's a protection measure built into flash memory.

Pull your files off of the card and try formatting it in your camera. If it works, use the card until you can replace it but don’t keep using it. If you do, there’s a descent chance the card will die for good and it may not die gracefully to the extent your data is safe. Cards are cheap; data recovery isn’t.

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how to solb my problum


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