PSP3004: Green light and nothing else.


I just bought a PSP 3004 form the Flea-Market (Which may or may not hase been a good idea, but at 20€ i thought “Whatever“). I want to use it as an emulator platform.

  • On the outside it looks perfect, no scratches whatsoever
  • there was no Battery nor memory-stick included
  • With the original powercable plugged in, i used the power switch to turn it on. Then only the green “Power-light“ turns on and goes out after approx. 20 seconds.
  • No sound, no display, no nothing

I’ve tried the following, with no luck:

  • Holding the R-trigger and turning it on
  • Same with both L- and R-trigger
  • Same with the PS-Button

Is it worth trying to fix this? I read a little bit about Pandora-Batteries and magic-memory sticks and am willing to put around 30 € (and some time, i like tinkering) into it.

Thank you in advance!

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