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Repair and disassembly guides for projectors.

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My projector turns itself off and flashes LEDs "Abnormal Condition"

My Sanyo PLC-XP56 worked just fine for a show last week. This week when I tried to use it for a different event, it turned itself off, and flashed two LEDs on the top, and would not turn on again until it was disconnected from the power supply and re-connected. Later it did this twice during the event. The user manual has this to say about the flashing LEDs "The projector detects an abnormal condition and cannot be turned on. Unplug the AC Power Cord and plug it again to turn on the projector. If the projector is turned off again, disconnect the AC power cord and contact the dealer or the service center for service and checkup. Do not leave the projector on. It may cause electric shock or a fire hazard."

The LEDs that light up are as follows: Red Warning temp- flashing. Green Ready- flashing. Red Lamp- Steady bright.

So I read the manual and warnings, but I wonder if anyone has run into this before. It seems strange to me that it just started. This projector was in to Sanyo last year for maintenance, and worked just fine on two events last week. Any ideas you have can help. Thanks very much.

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How old is it? Is it in the warranty period, because it seems a big problem to me.

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Inside your projector are several temp sensors (thermistors). They are actually NTC thermistors (NTC= negative temperature coefficient, meaning as temp goes up resistance goes down). Once a thermistor has activated to save your machine form heat damage, it may activate again at a lower temperature. There is a thermistor to monitor lamp temperature, and a thermistor to monitor optical block temperature. the only way I could think off how to fix it, is by disassembling it and trying to see which thermistor is giving you trouble. Found the part of the service manual that would be of interest to you. Has the schematics and the layout. Hope this will get your projector to shine again. It is right on the bottom of this page Projector Repair under support documents. Hope this helps, good Luck.

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When you say the thermistor may activate at a lower temperature, do you mean in the same power cycle, or in the general life of the projector? This did happen for the first time after sitting in the case for 2 days. It never actually lamped up before getting this error. Thanks for that manual. It's a little over my head, but not too far. I'll definitely give it a read.


It is my understanding that it does so for the general life of the thermistor. This is done to further protect the equipment, that is also the reason while that failure occurs more often when it happened once. I did look over the schematic and it is nice and intense....lots of sensor on there ;-)


my problem is slightly different in that the machine doesn't show any signs of life at all. had the power supply replaced and it worked for a few months but has stopped again. tried to follow oldturkey03's link to the service manual but it isn't there any more.


manual no longer available


Yep would someone mine reposting manual.


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