S5 bootloop, freezes if it does boot.

Bit of a saga this one, but I will try to be brief and detailed.

Galaxy S5 SM-G900F, was stock (not rooted) with no mods. One day whilst charging and updating, it got very hot, restarted by itself and never got past the startup screen - would continue to boot loop, getting hot, until the battery died. Things I tried:

1) Seemed to not crash in recovery - so I cleared the cache partition, no change.

2) Removed SD card - no change.

3) Bought a new battery - no change.

4) Managed to load on TWRP with Odin, and backup internal memory (photos etc..). Still occasionally crashed (as in had to pull the battery, screen had zigzags on it, did not respond to buttons).

5) Finally did a factory reset. It did boot, and I set it up again, but crashed again, back into bootloop.

6) Using Odin, reloaded the firmware (I double checked I had the correct version), no change.

It can sometimes actually boot but lasts maybe 5 minutes before it freezes/crashes or restarts.

Interestingly - it lasts for about 20 minutes if I remove the battery and place the device in the fridge for 15 minutes (I’m aware this isn’t wise). So it seems if its very cold, it doesn’t crash/restart.

As it was essentially useless I attempted to disassemble it to check the board for obvious problems. I cracked the screen doing this, so have an aftermarket replacement (an LCD, not OLED, but it works). I see no obvious problems on the board, but without a detailed schematic and layout I don’t know where to problem for shorts.

I can still power it up, but it hangs on the splash screen. Can get into download mode, or recovery, but both will sometimes crash.

So. Does anything think this is hardware as I am assuming? Or could corrupt flash do this? I’m a hardware guy so I generally assume all problems are hardware, and the fact this started after it got hot, during an update leads me to think it is. Also the fact it did work for a couple of days straight after a factory reset meant I must have had the correct firmware. I considered reflowing the CPU/RAM bit this is very drastic and I would consider it last resort.

Has anyone got experience of the most likely failures of the hardware? I’m running out of idea.s

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