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Dritte Generation des Surface Pro Tablets ab 20.Juni 2014

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I replaced the cracked LCD but the backlight doesn't turn on.

Will replacing the motherboard fix the Surface Pro 3 LCD backlight problem?

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There is a plastic bridge connector part that connects the ribbon cable for the screen to the logic board and has a screw to hold it in.

If that is missing the screen won't connect properly to the board. It's easy to lose that part when you unplug the screen.


I'm well aware of that. The bridge is in place and I can see the display by shining a light on it. It is only the backlight that isn't working. Thanks anyway.


I was going to try replacing the MB but found an entire unit missing only LCD and SSD for about the same cost. Means I will have a lot of small parts available for sale. Lew at lew@lewmur.com Includes a new battery.


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It’s possible that your replacement screen is a dud too. Connect your Surface to an external monitor and see if anything shows up.

Update (11/24/2018)

Sounds like you scored a deal! Now you have spare parts for your surface if something else breaks. Hopefully a motherboard swap solves your problem.

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Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt. Screen works in another Pro 3.


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